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  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    We represent S.A.S Rouffiac Distribution, a distinguished wholesale company headquartered in France, operating globally with subsidiaries. Our diverse brand portfolio caters to various market segments, with independent stores benefiting from centralized services provided by E.Leclerc.

    Our company is genuinely interested in integrating your products into the range offered within our Supermarkets/Hypermarkets chains, fostering a robust and enduring business relationship. We aim to establish your esteemed company as a valuable supplier reference in our records.

    Collaborating with S.A.S Rouffiac transcends a mere business association; it signifies nurturing a lasting partnership that facilitates mutual growth and expansion opportunities.

    To streamline our collaboration, we eagerly anticipate your response and the possibility of embarking on a fruitful partnership.

    Warm regards,

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